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Your brand is nothing without marketing and marketing is nothing without quality content.  When most people think of Content, they think in terms of what to post on social media and websites and that’s accurate, howbeit incomplete. Kevin Cain, a communication strategist, described Content as  “a compilation of information, ideas, and messages that are translated …


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Ayodotun Akinfenwa, CEO, Lifestyle Hues Brand Consulting

Ayodotun Akinfenwa, CEO/Lead Strategist of Lifestyle Hues Brand Consulting is a Marketing Communications Consultant and Corporate Trainer with 14 years of top-notch experience. Before starting on her own, Ayodotun worked in advertising for 8 years, honing her skills in Strategic Marketing, Copywriting, Brand Strategy, and Project Management, working on some of the biggest international tobacco …

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Identity verification company, Youverify, launched YouID, a secure digital ID wallet that lets individuals safely store personal details in an encrypted format and use it to access online services securely without having to fill a KYC form.  The app was launched at the Vibranium Valley in Lagos State and we took charge of the media …

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Content is King

It’s beyond social media! It’s beyond free content. You, as a person, need to start getting paid for your content too. Think of all the greats, from Obama to Beyoncé to Ronaldo to Al Pacino. The common thread is the content, free, paid, collaborative, even leaked 🤣You are nothing without content. What content are you …

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Branding and Consistency

Branding and Consistency go hand in hand. It’s the very premise of Branding, having a SPECIFIC IDENTITY, STYLE OF DOING THINGS, STANDARDS etc_ Here are 5 ways to be consistent in your branding journey._1. VALUES: What do you stand for? What do you despise? Some brands are irreverent, some are conservative, some are luxurious, some …

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Segmenting Your Target Audience

It is common to have multiple types of customers that would be interested in your product or service. This is why a marketing strategy is important; as it is one of the MANY things to break down. The 4 basic categories are: Demographics (Age, Sex, Gender,etc)Psychographics (Personality traits)Behavioral (Relevant behavior)Geographical (Region)

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Banrut Rolls Limited

Established to cater to the enormous demand for quality toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, serviettes, facial and pocket tissues, and multipurpose napkins, Banrut rolls is a wholly-owned Nigerian brand that has over the years gained recognition and gained prominence worldwide. We have the responsibility of managing their online presence, creating social Media Communication materials with themes …

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Zapphaire Events

With over 18 years of transforming clients’ briefs from wishes expressed on paper or communicated via emails into well-curated, memorable experiences; and over 1,000 events to their credit, the Zapphaire brand has become the synonym for excellence. In a bid to endear themselves to more people, and permanently implant themselves in the minds of their audience, they …

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